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Can a Low Fat Diet Eventually Kill You?!


Do you stay away from saturated fats and follow the low fat diet prescription which says that if you eat fat, you will be fat?

Do you watch your fat intake?


If you do, you may want to reconsider.


The Low Fat Diet Research

Studies have shown that a low fat diet may responsible for the obesity epidemic, and may be causing many more problems than people realize. In fact, in 1977 when the low fat craze began and the FDA began recommending a low fat diet, many chronic and deadly health problems began to worsen.

The obesity epidemic began to take shape and obesity rates increased across the country. Type II diabetes has grown to a place where it’s commonplace to have this deadly disease. Additionally, coronary artery disease has not decreased with low fat diets. Heart disease was the predominating factor for recommending a low fat diet in the first place, but the rates of heart disease have not decreased. In fact, countries that have diets higher in saturated fat have a lower incidence and risk of heart disease than the United States.


What’s Really Going On? Is Fat Actually Good For You?

A lot of research and attention has recently been paid to fats. We know that Omega Fatty Acids are essential for good health. We also know that the brain and your vital organs need fat and that fat is a primary source of fuel for the body. Studies have shown that saturated fat does not cause disease in humans.

We also know that when a company removes fat from their products, they replace it with sugar. Take milk for example, low fat milk often has added sugar and even added sugar substitutes like aspartame to make the product taste better. When you remove the fat you remove the flavor. Flavor, in the form of sugar, is added back in before the product hits your grocery store shelves. Now sugar is a highly addictive element. Additionally, our bodies take sugar and convert it to fat for storage in our bodies.


The Bottom Line

A low fat diet doesn’t help people lose weight and it doesn’t prevent disease. Whole foods, including animal fats, plant fats, and nuts and seeds, help provide a balanced approach to healthy eating. The path to weight loss, lasting health, and longevity isn’t about cutting fat, but rather reducing or eliminating added sugar in your diet. Ditch the cookie and enjoy a nice slice of preservative free bacon. Your body will thank you for it.

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