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5 Foods To Avoid For Effective Weight Loss

Ahh, summertime. It’s a time for fun in the sun, endless barbeques and, unfortunately - questioning every food you put in your body. Weight loss is one of the most tricky subjects to talk to most people about.

The food we eat is cultural, it defines who we are, and for many people - giving up the food they love can be tricky, even if it's terrible for them.

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of balancing your macronutrients and maintaining a caloric deficit in order to lose as much weight as possible.

We know that maintaining a deficit of 15-20% will help to influence weight loss, and eating a balance rich in lean protein source and high fiber carbohydrates will help to maintain and lose body fat - but to what extent do specific foods limit our weight loss.

Yes, that's right, there are foods that could be detrimental to your weight loss. Here are 5 foods you should avoid weight loss:

Ice Cream

Just thought we’d get the worst one out of the way right away. Ice cream is a high-fat, high-sugar food that contains very little micronutrients for health. Yes, it's a very tasty and sweet treat - but if you’re concerned about weight loss and you are serious about strength goals this is one food you need to avoid.

High-Fat Meats

This might stir up some controversy, but let me explain. Beef, pork, and other red meats are generally quite high in fat. Yes, you get a good source of protein but the high intakes of saturated fats can be a negative contribution to your cholesterol levels leading to plaque and poor health conditions.

This is one food you will want to limit if possible and substitute for leaner meats like wild game or fish.

White Bread

In our last article, we talked about the importance of carbohydrates in your diet - but you must be eating the correct carbohydrates. White bread is generally much more calorie-rich, low in fiber and low in vitamins - the complete opposite of a whole-grain bread or vegetables and fruit.

Instead of white bread, try ancient or sprouted grains.

Pastries, Sweet Snacks

By now you’re probably thinking we just don't want you eating anything fun or tasty - but seriously, pastries and other sweet treats generally contain high amounts of processed sugar and high trans fats - the worst fat for you.

Limiting your intake of pastries and other sugary treats will be essential for weight loss.


Oh jeez, I can already hear the uproar on this one, but listen up. Beer contains calories - empty calories at that. You cannot readily use the calories from your beer to fuel your performance in the gym.

EXAMPLE: Assuming you have 4-6 bottles on a night out that's more than 700 calories, arguable ⅓ of your daily intake of calories - not to mention the fatty foods generally eaten with beer.

Limiting your intake of beer will help you to lose weight more effectively by maintaining a lower caloric deficit.

We hope this list helps you to see what foods you should limit in order to see the best weight loss and advancements in strength. For the most effective weight loss check out our natural stimulant fat burner built to enhance your metabolism and enrich your weight loss experience.

Take control of your weight loss with INFERNO.

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