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5 Foods to Eat For Optimal Weight Loss

With a wealth of information online about what foods you should be eating, what diet you should be on and what supplements you should be taking to grow stronger and lose weight it can be a little overwhelming.

Its bad enough that we have conflicting experts discussing which diet is most effective - nevermind the issue at hand with how many meals to eat, if fasting is safe or any other trending dietary idea.

Here at atomic strength, we always aim to provide the most actionable information possible. In this case, if you have been trying to lose weight we believe we have the information to help.

5 Foods You Need To Eat For Weight Loss:


Its super common for people to be wary about their fruit consumption but apples could be one of the best examples of a very healthy fruit due to its high fibre content. In fact, most apples will contain around 3-5g of fibre (that's about 15% of your daily intake).

As you will know from our recent blogs - fibre is an essential element in your weight loss and general health.

Leafy Greens

This is probably one of the most obvious foods, I mean - who do you know that has gained weight from eating salads? Not only are salads filled with leafy greens but it will also contain a huge supply of essential micronutrients that will help you to grow stronger and lose weight.


If you're going to chow down on meat your best bet is with fish. Of the fish family, Salmon is perhaps your best bet as it contains a very healthy serving of fat, protein and minimal carbs.

Fish are also one of the easiest sources of protein for your body to digest - it has a very high bioavailability, all while having a low-calorie status (especially when compared to other protein sources).  


This is more of a general term, but beans could be your best friend when it comes to weight loss. Some people might get a little scared away by the higher calorie count - but you should try not to forget that beans contain a very goods source of amino acids, fat and fibre.

These are all essential components of a healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in fibrous beans could help to maintain weight while building more muscle and improving body composition.

Cruciferous Vegetables

The key aspect of weight loss will always come from eating a diet rich in vegetables - especially if those vegetables are cruciferous. This is cauliflower, cabbage, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and similar green leafy vegetables.

A diet rich in vegetables is a diet rich in fibre, micronutrients and even protein.

TOP TIP: Did you know that broccoli contains more protein per calorie than beef!?

Whatever food you decide to consume just make sure you consume it regularly and in a slight deficit. By eating 3-4 meals (including snacks) you will help to keep your metabolism moving for your modern life. The weight loss will come when you are involved in a good caloric deficit over time.

If you are still struggling to lose weight you could try a FAT BURNER like INFERNO. It is a clean stimulant that is quite easy-going and perfect for the beginner.

You can find more information about INFERNO here.

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