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Apocalypse Vs. Atomic_One Pre

by Gabriello Ianniruberto May 04, 2018

Apocalypse Vs. Atomic_One Pre

As you may know, our atomic family just got a little bigger. With the addition of our new pre-workout, Atomic_One Pre we now have a complete blend of everything that makes potent pre-workouts stand out.

However, the new addition of this pre-workout has raised some questions. Many people are wondering what the difference is between our already existing Apocalypse pre-workout and what makes Atomic_One Pre special.

Let's try to clarify some things.

Atomic_One Pre is A Hybrid Pre-Workout

When we look at things as objectively as possible and only look to the ingredients for our formulation, we can create some of the most powerful and potent pre-workouts to help boost strength and decrease recovery time.

Atomic_One Pre was designed to be a hybrid pre-workout, providing you with the best of amplifiers (citrulline, beta-alanine) and testosterone boosters (d-aspartic acid, horny goat weed).

The combination of these ingredients provides you with a clean, long-lasting pump that elevates testosterone levels during your workout leading to greater anabolic strength and less recovery time after a training session.

Apocalypse Pushes You Through Tough Workouts

Don’t forget, Apocalypse is not a standard, run of the mill pre-workout. If you take a look at our clinically dosed formula you will notice that apocalypse contains a massive 6000mg of citrulline, more than many other pre-workouts on the market - meaning you are sure to get a massive pump.

This, in combination with 3000mg of creatine and 2000mg of beta-alanine, provides you with all the necessary ingredients to take your workout further, both in terms of pure pump, and performance translation.

These key ingredients come together to create one of the cleanest, long-lasting and potent workout performance supplements on the market.

How is Atomic_One Pre Unique?

Well, Atomic_One Pre is not for the average lifter - this stuff is strong. Hardcore lifters can rejoice, this powerful blend contains potent ingredients clinically proven to give you a surge of energy, pump and vitality that will push you to your limits.

Atomic_One Pre combines the best elements in a matrix from Apocalypse and the potent elements from our testosterone booster into a pre-workout amplifier.

Lifters looking for a potent stimulant and a pump matrix can look to Atomic_One Pre.

Keep in mind, this is a powerful pre-workout. You should be cautious of taking this as an evening supplement as it may keep you awake at night.

Take advantage of clinically formulated pre-workout ingredients built to provide you with energy, pump and vitality while also having the potent effects of testosterone boosting agents for an anabolic training session and the fastest recovery you've ever seen.

Serious athletes who want pre-workout amplifiers paired with increased testosterone production, checkout Atomic_One Pre here.

Remember, assess your tolerance. Try half a scoop first and work into more as you become more accustomed to the potency.

Gabriello Ianniruberto
Gabriello Ianniruberto


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May 14, 2018

So is the Atomic One Pre only for men since it boost your testosterone levels?

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