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Atomic Athletes: Increase Strength and Size

by Gabriello Ianniruberto May 10, 2018

Atomic Athletes: Increase Strength and Size

Chances are if you are one of the elite lifters who read these blogs you train differently.

If you’re on the Atomic supplement line you would have seen the new addition to our family in the form of a pre-workout /test booster hybrid - Atomic_One Pre. That's because here at Atomic Strength we are always doing things differently because we believe our athletes are different.

You want to train heavier, faster and pain-free - that's why we create products that help you to train at your hardest and make the most potential gains in strength.

The thing is - when you train harder your body NEEDS complete and specific nutrition. We’re not just talking about eating more protein and increasing your carbs. To a certain extent, these moves can make a difference, but if you train heavy your joints are under stress, your blood creatine levels are low and your amino acid levels deplete quickly.

Having a balanced nutrition plan is essential, but accompanying your diet with a complete and specific supplement stack will lead to strength beyond what you have seen before.

Our signature Atomic Athlete Stack includes FUEL X30, FALLOUT, APOCALYPSE and CREATINE MONOHYDRATE to cover you before, after and any time of the day.

Benefits of Protein and Amino Acids

The combination of our pre-workout supplements, post-workout protein and amino acids mean you have all the recovery potential specific to the needs of your workout program.

Protein and amino acids help to support normal cell growth and to stimulate muscle protein synthesis which is essential for muscle growth and proper recovery.

FUEL X30 and FALLOUT will provide your body with the most complete and specific approach to recovery.

Creatine Brings Power

Perhaps the most underutilized component of a health and fitness program, creatine helps to support the resynthesis of lost phosphates after muscular contractions (resistance based contractions). This resynthesis is not just important for muscle growth but also in the speed of recovery.

Simply put, the more available creatine your body can draw from after exercise, the faster it can recover from strenuous exercise.

Find The Atomic Athlete Stack

If you have been struggling to meet the demands of your rigorous training program it may be time to take a step back and reassess your nutrition and supplement program.

Of course, many athletes may find that a whole-food approach can be an effective method for enhancing strength and decreasing recovery time, yet a specific approach to performance-based nutrition is needed if you are the athlete who wants strong and fast results.

The Atomic Athlete Stack will provide your body with everything it needs in order to grow stronger, faster. Each formula is clinically developed to provide your body with the purest and most effective forms of amino acids, creatine, stimulants and other pre-workout formulations.

For more information on the Atomic Athlete Stack click here.

Gabriello Ianniruberto
Gabriello Ianniruberto


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