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Atomic Stack For Maximal Anabolic Strength

Anabolic strength is the prime motive for all serious lifters. You may not know it yet, but lifting heavy is one of the most euphoric things you can do when you're working out.

There is truly something primal about lifting 400 lbs off the ground, or putting 300lbs on your back and squatting it.

This type of strength is called anabolic strength - and it's the primary reason why many lifters start training. Success can come from many sources, yet in order for the lifter to become anabolic in nature and start lifting heavier, they should look to stack the right combination of supplements to boost performance and optimize recovery.

Of course, a well-balanced diet can help to improve recovery and promote strength, but if our goals are pure anabolic strength - supplements are needed.

Here are the Best Supplements For Anabolic Strength

Creatine Monohydrate

The most overlooked supplement by most weightlifters. If you are serious about training this is a supplement that needs to be an essential addition to your program.

Creatine helps as a cell volumizer and an energy component. Supplementing with creatine will help to increase the number of cellular phosphates available to draw from in order to resynthesise ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) - our energy component for exercise.

Not only will supplementing help to accelerate recovery after a workout - but creatine has also been shown to boost performance during a workout - extended the number of sets you can do before lactic acid builds up.

Find our complete creatine blend here.

Amino Acids

There are dozens of readily available amino acids that you eat on a daily basis. From chicken to broccoli, amino acids are present in many common foods, but success in boosting anabolic strength will come when we regulate the amount we actually ingest on a daily basis.

Of all the amino acids available two stand above the rest, both with concrete science to justify their supplementation, and real-world anabolic results.


Perhaps the strongest amino acid when it comes to pure anabolic potential. Studies have shown that when Leucine is supplemented, especially when combined with L-Valine and IsoLeucine the anabolic potential is massive.

Take care to supplement 3-4g of L-Leucine daily in order to stimulate the most anabolic potential for muscle growth and raw strength.


One of my personal favorite amino acids - Beta-Alanine works to buffer lactic acid. This amino acid does not work in the same way a Leucine (anabolic potential), rather Beta-Alanine enables you to work harder each set without feeling fatigue.

Especially when you are training with high weights, or extended sets to stimulate hypertrophy, Beta-Alanine can be your best friend.

Both of these amino acids can be found in high doses in our powerful recovery formula, Fallout.

For best results be sure to stack this with a clean creatine monohydrate, preferably one that does not require the constant cycling of traditional creatine.

If your goals are to build muscle and improve raw strength, these supplements need to be on your radar.


Grab a complete anabolic stack to get the best bang for your buck. Our Atomic Athlete Stack is perfect for the beginner lifter to the elite athletes. Find your fit here

Find more information about supplements and training on our blog, and be sure to leave a comment below with what supplements you use to boost strength and anabolic potential.

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