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Booty Training 101: How To Strengthen The Glutes

Ahh yes, the blog many of you have been waiting for. Strengthening the glutes; better known as the booty, is one of the most popular Instagram hits - but to what extent do these one-off workouts really work?

At Atomic Strength Nutrition, we always aim to provide you, the reader, with the most actionable information possible. In this way, you can make strength progressions with information that is backed by experience and knowledge of anatomy.

In this blog, we are going to cover the most effective exercises for recruiting glute muscle tissue to strengthen and increase the booty mass.

Before we get into the best exercises it is important to understand that most of the glute muscles will work in extension (at the hip) and abduction (at the hip). Many of the glute muscles will also work as strong stabilizers for the actual exercise you are doing - which is why balancing exercises and postural exercises can also be effective for strengthening the glutes.

Exercise 1: Hip Extension

The first and most obvious exercise you should be doing to increase strength in the glutes is extension exercises. This could be smith hip thrusts, supine extension, cable kickbacks - any and all of these use the main movement; extension at the hip as the primary way to recruit the muscle.

In these exercises you will feel quite strong, so don’t be afraid to pile on some weight, just be sure you can return to a posterior pelvic tilt to start your exercise again.

Exercise 2: Lunges

We briefly touched on the importance of balancing to strengthen the glutes - which is why lunges are our number two. Depending on the type of lunge you are doing (my favourite is Bulgarian) you will use the glute muscles to balance and to fire when strength is required in extension.

Another great exercise for developing strength in the glutes and hamstrings is the drop lunge. You can find a video of that exercise here.

Exercise 3: Deadlifts

Deadlifts should be your bread and butter as a strength athlete. If you are looking to target the glutes more you can try a single leg deadlift as this will strongly target the hamstrings and glutes throughout most of the range of motion.

Deadlifts also provide one of the best ways to strengthen the glutes through a deep range of motion. Unlike bridging or lunging exercises, you can use a platform to overstretch the hamstrings and glutes (deficit deadlifts) in order to place more overload on the muscle.

These three exercises can be effective tools to increase strength in the glutes. Use your knowledge of reps and tempo to overload the muscle and force it to grow.

Continue eating a protein-rich diet and when you are looking to tone and sculpt the booty be sure to increase the reps, drop the weight and grab yourself a clean, all-natural fat burner to increase your metabolic function.

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