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Bulking Season: Should Your Start 2018 In A Bulk?

Many people start new years off with the goal of losing weight, and from the perspective of strength training - it really doesn't make sense.

Weight loss is, of course, important for your overall health, but is it the best way to train through 2018?

If you asked any strength athlete or bodybuilder they would tell you that the hardest part about preparing for a competition is putting on the size and muscle to win, not losing the weight.

Weight loss and fat loss will usually work when you maintain a caloric deficit - eating less than your body needs.

Here are three reasons why you should start 2018 with a bulk, rather than only focusing on weight loss.

#1 - Its After Harvest Season

For generations, humans have been farming and harvesting their crops in the fall or early winter.

This leaves a surplus of fresh food that needs to be eaten before the next crop.

Experts have called this harvest season and its one of the main reasons why bulking weight is always easier in the winter seasons than the summer seasons. Our bodies have adapted to the effects of a caloric surplus from harvest season and we are easily able to put on the weight.

Take advantage of physiology that has been adapting for hundreds, if not thousands of years and start 2018 off with a bulk.

For an added boost take advantage of our pure creatine formula and a clean protein shake. The combination of our creatine and protein shake will enable you to train harder and recover faster - especially after tough training sessions.

#2 - Weight Loss is Easier during the Summer

Seriously, weight loss works way better in the summer seasons. Research showed that students in North America were more likely to lose weight in the summer seasons and gain it back during the holiday season.


Whether the weight gain comes down to the holiday food or the physiology we have from harvest season, weight loss is much easier during the summer season - take advantage. 


#3 Results Come Quicker

For some people gaining weight is not necessarily a result they want to see. Yet, if your goal is to achieve a physique of greatness, starting the new years off with a bulk could actually be your saviour.

Not only do results come very quickly, but they are very easy to track and monitor along the way.

Take the example of losing weight vs. bulking.


Chances are if your goal is weight loss the only measure will be standing on the scale and hoping the number goes down.

If your new year's goal is to bulk, you can track this through hip/waist measurements, squat weight, bench weight, and any lifts in the gym. 

Most of the time, if you are lifting more weight, you are probably putting on more weight as well.

Start your new years off with a bulk, pack on some muscle and enjoy the process. Come spring, start your cutting program by moving into a caloric deficit and supplement with a fat burner

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