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Can Supplement Stacks Boost Your Weight Loss?

No matter our size or strength level, at some point we are all looking to lose weight. Whether it be for the purpose of cutting down for a competition or just lowering your body fat - weight loss is no easy feat.

Many people resort to a simple calculation of maintaining a caloric deficit - which is, in fact, one of the best ways to lose weight, yet utilizing specific supplements, especially in a stack can be one of the best ways to truly optimize the amount of weight we lose.

What is A Caloric Deficit

The bare bones to any weight loss program are maintaining a caloric deficit. This means you need to eat fewer calories than your body requires on a daily basis.

The lack of calories you intake will lead your body into a deficit - which has been shown on many occasions to be a very effective way to promote weight loss.

With that said, this doesn't work for everyone. Many people who have a traditionally slow metabolism may not benefit from a caloric deficit - while other may not have the self-control to implement a strict caloric deficit.

The solution? Supplement stacking for optimal weight reduction.

Why Stacking Supplements Boosts Weight Loss

There are many ways you can push your body into a state you will begin to lose weight. We know that a caloric deficit can be an effective tool, yet we cannot forget the manipulation of our metabolic rate.

Our metabolic rate is the rate at which our body metabolizes energy or calories.

Generally when you are in a caloric deficit your body's metabolic rate will decrease - thereby slowing your metabolism.

This is why it becomes important to utilize supplements to boost metabolism.

Metabolic Booster

Our clean and all natural metabolic booster contain primary ingredients to help accelerate metabolism, provide constant energy, suppress appetite and merge the body into thermogenesis (the process of “heating” up the body to burn more calories).

When combined with a balanced diet, in a caloric deficit - Inferno can go to work helping you effectively lose weight quickly and safely.

Recovery Tool

One of the most important aspects many people forget about when on a diet is the lack of protein digestion you will have. Especially in a caloric deficit, your body will lack nutrients, making building muscle very difficult.

If you are working out while on your weight loss program be sure to supplement with a clean protein shake that's low in calories and highly concentrated with a Protein Isolate.

This will ensure that you can continue to stay in a caloric deficit, increase metabolism and reduce muscle loss.

Stacking supplements can be the most effective tools to ensure you are acquiring all the nutrients your body needs in order to effectively lose weight and build muscle over time.

Lacking in specific nutrients, especially protein can be a major setback - even if your goals are only to lose weight.

If you are serious about losing weight follow these simple steps:

  1. Maintain a Caloric Deficit (about 15-20% less than RDA)
  2. Supplement with A Metabolic Booster and Thermogenic Aid
  3. Supplement with a Clean Whey Isolate

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