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Fat Burners: How To Best Use Them

Fat burners are one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism and lose weight when they are used properly.

The difficulty is - most people are not focussed on their goals, and sometimes just take a supplement without completely focussing on the other important aspects of fat burners.

In this simple guide, we are going to show you the most effective ways to maximize your fat burning experience. First, it's important to note that we will be basing our guide off our potent fat burners - namely FIRE STARTER, our high stimulant-based fat burner.

FIRESTARTER focuses on boosting your metabolic rate, oxidizing fat and provides laser-like mental focus. For more information on this fat burner please feel free to check out the official page here.

Step 1: Morning Boost

Ensuring that your metabolism gets off to the right start is essential. Considering that many fat burners will contain some B-Vitamins and other metabolic nutrients, it is important that you eat something light, and something that carries much of its calories from fat.

One of my favourite light breakfasts is berries and nuts - similar to a trail mix. Not only will the berries provide you with a good source of carbohydrates, but the nuts will give you good fats and a decent source of protein - perfect for sustainable energy.

Step 2: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for any strength or weight loss goal. Although when you become dehydrated you may weigh less on the scale - this may not lead to a better body composition - aka - less fat.

Staying hydrated will allow the fat burner to work more effectively than if you were dehydrated.

Step 3: Eat Your Biggest Meal At Night

This is a popular method that is constantly being implemented by those who engage in intermittent fasting or any warrior diets. The idea here is that your biggest meal will be at the end of the day - when your metabolism will generally start to slow down.

It’s important to note that just because this is a big meal does not mean it is a meal that is unhealthy. You should do your best to keep this meal to whole-foods and lean sources of protein.

Step 4: Exercise After A Big Meal

This is really a gimme - you should always be exercising if your goal is to burn fat or lose weight. It is even more important that you exercise after your last meal - this will help to teach your body to use that big meal as fuel for your recovery.

NOTE: If you have your biggest meal at noon, that's fine, just be sure to have your training sessions within 1-2 hours of your biggest meal.

These four steps will help to ensure you are hitting the main categories for complete weight loss and the most effective fat loss.

If you have any questions be sure to comment on the post or contact our support team - we’d be happy to help you become more effective with your fat burning.

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