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Fat Burners: What Makes A Great One?

There are dozens of fat burners on the market today that claim huge results - but how many of them actually work?

Some would say that fat burners work as a placebo - since most people actually start to workout and eat better when they go on a diet - committing to the purchase of a supplement (especially fat burners).

We know the industry is full of product claims - that's why at Atomic Strength we only formulate products that contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to work.

With summer just around the corner, beach season is soon to come upon us, and that means it could be time for you to finally kickstart yourself into shape - but how do you pick the right fat burner? What really makes a great fat burner?

Let's Break Down The Best Ingredients For A Fat Burner

B Vitamins

One of the most underrated ingredients in a pre-workout or fat burner. B vitamins are essential to our health as they promote energy and metabolism.

The second point there is the most important - b vitamins can actually help you to metabolize your food more effectively.

Supplementing B vitamins are an essential component of a great fat burner as they accelerate metabolism and enable you to better utilize the food you eat as energy (powering your training sessions).


This one is essential. Honestly, don't even bother with a fat burner unless it has a decent amount of caffeine. Not only has caffeine been shown to increase your metabolic rate, but it is also a very effective appetite suppressant.

Caffeine can be used to limit the food you intake on a daily basis while increasing your metabolic rate and working as a diuretic. This three-part combination is essential to your success in fat loss. Fat loss requires you to eat less, lose water retention and increase metabolism.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

A relatively new addition to the world of fat loss - but an effective one. Although science is not quite clear exactly how Yohimbe works, researchers believe it can have an effect on lipolysis (fat oxidation). In any fat loss goal, your efforts should always be to increase lipolysis - through diet, training and supplementation - Yohimbe will be your aid.

Emerging research is now looking to see if Yohimbe can be stacked with caffeine for optimal fat loss results. As of now, the research seems quite promising.

Dosage and Usage

These are big areas of concern with fat burners. Most people don’t understand how or when to use their fat burners and just pop a couple pills every day - hoping for the best.

At Atomic Strength we understand that supplement timing is important, that's why we have not only included a detailed overview of our best fat burners, but we also have supplement coaches on standby anytime you need one.

Questions about fat burners, let us help.

At the end of the day, you want the experience to be relatively simple, and you want a product that actually works.

Our products have clinically formulated ingredients that are backed by science so that you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

There is nothing more effective than FIRESTARTER, our premium Fat Burner.  

Disclaimer: FIRESTARTER is a highly potent fat burner. If you're new to fat burners or metabolic boosters of any kind we urge you to try INFERNO first. Beginners looking for a boost to their workout routine without the kick from our potent FIRESTARTER should look to INFERNO.

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