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How An Atomic Stack Can Help Boost Testosterone

Feeling tired, sluggish and struggling to make consistent progress in the gym?

Many men who get into fitness forget about one of the most important components of a well-balanced training program - testosterone levels.

Testosterone, on a fundamental level is what makes a man - a man. It's the hormone that puts hair on your chest and causes a growth spurt in your early years. As we age, our body starts to decrease the amount of natural testosterone that is produced.

This process starts to occur after the age of about 25-30.

Many men don't realize, but the reason for your lack of strength progressions could be directly correlated to low testosterone levels.

How To Increase Natural Testosterone

Increasing your testosterone can come down to many factors as simple as getting a better sleep, to complex testosterone replacement therapy.

Before moving into anything too crazy, we recommend utilizing a powerful stack of supplement built to push you further in your workouts and improve your natural testosterone production. The best way to boost testosterone is to utilize clinically researched supplements that have been proven to work.

Take a look at our Stack Below


Our premium whey protein isolate comes packed with naturally occurring amino acids to help support recovery and muscle tissue development. This powerful protein also contains no gluten, no fat, no carbs and no sugar - perfect for the athlete who wants to pack on lean muscle.


The best recovery tool you need to try. Fallout contains several ingredients that help to stimulate recovery, increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce swelling and even hydrate muscles.

The best part - you can take this blend at any time since it is stimulant free!

Perform at the highest level with a complete BCAA recovery tool that also decreases muscle soreness and helps you push through consecutive workouts.


The king of all pre-workouts. We took our time to develop a pre-workout that had clinically proven ingredients. The inclusion of highly concentrated amino acids and stimulants helps to give you a deep muscle pump, explosive energy, and a great stimulatory workout experience.

If you don't hit new PR’s with APOCALYPSE you aren't working hard enough!


The most important supplement on our list is our very own testosterone booster. Atomic_One is among all our supplements - based on a clinical dose of ingredients that have been shown to increase testosterone, support muscular adaptations, decrease fat stores and boost libido.

Why Is Stacking Essential?

Most people who start a new workout plan go grab a basic whey protein and hope for the best. The reality is, without all your essential nutrients you may not actually be absorbing all the protein you ingest through your protein shake. The same goes for all the new food you purchased at the store on your last shopping trip.  

Stacking these specific supplement ensures that you have ALL your bases covered. Your absorption rates can rise, recovery time can decrease and testosterone can regulate and increase.

The best part about a supplement stack? The discount - buying supplements in a bundle is way cheaper than buying them independently. For more information on supplement stacks or to grab your own - visit our store.

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