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How to cut weight while training through crossfit

How to cut weight while training through crossfit

Anytime you are training high intensity your body is dying for nutrients - this is why it's always important to eat a well-balanced diet while you train. If your client's goals are to lose weight they might believe that eating less could be the option - but you know this will only lead to increased recovery time. The process for cutting weight while training for CrossFit can be quite difficult but with simple tips and tools, we can effectively lose weight without constantly feeling sore.

#1 - Use both HIIT and Cardio Training

The combination of both traditional cardio training and High-intensity interval training will assist your body in greater fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is the ability for the body to utilize fat as fuel and effectively “burn fat”.

#2 - Eat a Diet High in Protein

The effects of a high protein diet on fat loss during a cut are significant. Not only will eating a diet high in protein help to achieve great ability to recover from training, but clean sources of protein are lower in calories than all fat based food sources.

Instruct clients to eat 1.0-1.5g/kg of protein each day - depending on the intensity of their training regime.

#3 - Stay hydrated

Most people will notice that during a cut the body can become quite dehydrated. Depending on the overall goals of each client hydration becomes very important for maintaining muscle tissue size. Research shows that individuals who maintain a hydrated body on average have more muscle density.

Keep your clients hydrated in order to ensure minimal losses in muscle tissue during the cut.

Whether your client's goal is to prepare for a competition or to cut a little weight for summer it is important to remember that the primary goal during a cut is to stop catabolism - the breakdown of muscle. In order to do this client should be encouraged to stay hydrated, eat a high-protein diet and utilize all forms of cardio training to improve fat oxidation.

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