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How To Get A Body Like Your Favorite Superhero With Supplement Stacks

After 95 years on this earth, Stan Lee, creator of some of the most well-known superheroes to ever grace our comic books, screens, and toy shelves passed away on November 12, 2018. So, what does this have to do with our gym supplements? Well, Stan Lee and comic book superheroes, in general, have had a major impact on what a body with superhuman strength and crime-fighting abilities might look like. Most boys wanted to grow up to be strong like Thor or Superman, and girls everywhere imagined themselves saving the world like Wonder Woman. And while these superheroes seem to be born with superhuman strength and chiseled muscles, those who portray them on screen are just regular people like you and me who have to put in the grueling hours at the gym in order to look like a real superhero.

In today’s blog, we’re going to pay homage to the superheroes who have inspired us to hit the gym, and give you some advice on how you can bulk up like The Hulk or develop lean muscles like Spider-Man.

Fit Superheroes And The Supplement Stacks That Can Help You Look Like Them


Considering that we have a Super-Man supplement stack, we obviously had to include the man himself on this list. Superman is so relatable largely in part to his human alter-ego, Clark Kent. A humble journalist by day and a crime fighter by night, the Clark Kent/Superman duo seemed attainable to guys who work day jobs and then hit the gym after work every day. Superman has a good balance of slender muscles and hard mass, making a Superman-like physique attainable if you are willing to put in the hours (just don’t try to stop any trains — that’s something that no amount of gym time can achieve).

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is often considered the female equivalent of Superman. She was sculpted by clay, brought to life as an Amazon woman, and bestowed superhuman powers by the gods. Throughout the decades, Wonder Woman has evolved from a relatively average woman with superhuman strength to a woman with a muscular and strong body to match her powers. To achieve this physique in the gym, an emphasis on weight training and heavy lifting is key. Using a muscle building supplement stack like our Lean Muscle stack can help you gain muscle mass and recover more quickly from workouts.

The Incredible Hulk

When you want to go from Bruce Banner to The Hulk, you’re going to need to do more than just get angry. The Hulk is more or less a mass of pure muscle. For that, you are going to need to fuel your muscles with plenty of protein, testosterone, and energy. For this, our Atomic Muscle supplement stack can help give you the basics you need to fuel your workouts and build muscle mass. Combine this with dedication at the gym and a healthy diet with plenty of lean protein and you’re on your way to being The Hulk.


Perhaps the most impressive thing about Star-Lord’s body is the transformation that actor Chris Pratt underwent to play the role in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Parks And Recreation fans will remember pre-Marvel Pratt as the loveable and pudgy Andy Dwyer. Pratt dropped 70 pounds for the role and bulked up with lean muscle, allegedly eating only lean meats (no red meat), whole foods, and completely cutting out alcohol. For a transformation like this, you will need to combine fat burning with muscle gains, and our Lean & Mean supplement stack is curated to do just that.


Not only is Thor a superhero, he’s an actual god, meaning that his body is truly out of this world. Of course, the most notable actor to portray Thor is Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth is naturally a beefy dude, but he needed to bulk up more for the part. Not only did he need to look incredibly strong, but he needed to have the stature of a god. To do this, Hemsworth trained with a Navy SEAL and spent a lot of time doing rowing exercises to broaden his shoulders and make him look larger than life. To build big, god-like muscles, try a supplement stack like the Hard Body stack that includes a fat burner to help you appear more chiseled.


Not everyone wants to bulk up like Thor or The Hulk. If your goal is to slim down and develop lean, hard muscles worthy of doing parkour and slinging webs around New York City, then Spider-Man is your guy. Spider-Man is one of the most frequently portrayed superheroes on screen, and whether you’re a Tobey Maguire, an Andrew Garfield, or a young Tom Holland, with the right diet and workout regimen, you can get that svelte body that has plenty of strength and grace without the mass.


Gamora’s most well-known portrayal is by Zoe Saldana in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. She is similar to Spider-Man in that she is slender and strong without being bulky, yet her heroic actions typically take place in outer space. Those looking to achieve a slender physique like Gamora can focus on HIIT training and even incorporate some gymnastics or parkour to increase agility. Using a fat burning supplement stack can help you stay slim while giving you the energy you need to complete tough workouts.

Choosing The Right Supplement Stack For Your Goals

Our supplement stacks are curated to help achieve certain goals, whether it’s mass gain, fat loss, lean muscle acquisition, or something in between. Check out all of our supplement stacks to find the right one for your goals, or call or text one of our supplement coaches to get additional advice.
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