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How To Get Lean And Shredded For Spring Break

With spring break just around the corner, it's time you start thinking about cutting down to get shredded for the beach.

For years you have tried to do this properly and you may have had some success, but we’re here to show you the most effective ways to truly cut down some fat and lose pesky holiday weight.

Let's break down the best ways to get lean and shredded for spring break.

Use A Caloric Deficit

Hands down the best way you can start to lose weight is to maintain a caloric deficit each day.

A caloric deficit is eating fewer calories than your body requires to function normally each day. No, this will not make you feel sick or tired - we are only going to cut down about 15-20% at maximum.

For example, if you traditionally eat 2500 calories and have maintained a stable weight for some time now, you can use a 15% deficit to provide your body with a lack of calories, which will start a slight process of lipolysis (fat oxidation).

In this case, you would eat approximately 2100 calories daily to maintain a consistent caloric deficit.

Try A High Fat Diet  

Some would say the high-fat diet is a trend, but research has been conducted for years on the effectiveness of higher intakes of fat and its effects on the body.

Research has shown that a diet higher in fat helps to stimulate them into a state of ketosis. This state of ketosis may lead to fatigue and soreness for a couple days, but once the body adapts weight will begin to fall off.

We recommend starting off slow, trying to avoid high saturated fats (when possible), and definitely avoiding trans fats.

In order to eat a high-fat diet, you should consume nuts, seeds, and lean meats.

TOP TIP: Reduce the frequency of your meals to 1-2 large meals throughout the day. Fats have more than 2x the calories than carbs and protein. Avoid overeating by having fewer meals - you’ll still obtain all the necessary calories.

Accelerate Your Metabolism

The last important aspect to consider is your metabolism. In order to lose weight and burn fat, you must increase your metabolic rate.

Increasing your metabolic rate can be completed in a couple ways; through exercise, or metabolic boosters.


Engaging in exercise of any sort will help to boost your metabolism and immune function, but research shows a combination of strength training and HIIT workouts are best when it comes to total fat loss.

Metabolic Boosters

Exercise and diet will only take you so far. Using a supplement specific to your goal is one of the most effective ways to train harder and see the results you want. A metabolic booster helps to elevate a specific metabolic rate called your basal metabolic rate.

This is your resting metabolism - the faster it works, the more weight you can lose.

Metabolic boosters can also be used in a similar fashion to a pre-workout as they contain amplifiers like caffeine, b vitamins and much more.

For a potent metabolic booster, there is no better substitute than FIRESTARTER - our premium fat burner. Not only does it include b vitamins and caffeine, but it has teacrine and alpha-linolenic acid - which are both effective in elevating energy levels without the nasty crash of traditional fat burners.

Get ripped and shredded for spring break. Try FIRESTARTER today.

Disclaimer: FIRESTARTER is a highly potent fat burner. If you're new to fat burners or metabolic boosters of any kind we urge you to try INFERNO first. Beginners looking for a boost to their workout routine without the intensity from our potent FIRESTARTER should look to INFERNO.

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