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How To Keep Illness At Bay During Flu Season - Even At The Gym

We know you all are going to spend a lot of time in the gym over the next few months. Even those who typically exercise outside will be moving into the warmth of a gym as the weather cools down. That means your gym will be crowded and full of new germs that can spread colds and the flu.

Just how many germs are lingering around your gym? Fitrated completed a recent study and found that on average, free weights at three different national-chain gyms had 362 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Exercise bikes and treadmills had even more bacteria. Bacteria found included that which causes skin infections, pneumonia, and respiratory illnesses, as well as bacteria that causes infections that can be resistant to antibiotics. In short, while your gym might look clean, the equipment is less than sanitary.

Wipe down equipment before you use it.

We should say, wiping down equipment before you use it is not an alternative to wiping it off after you’re done. We’re not animals, after all. However, while we know that you follow gym etiquette, you don’t know that the guy who used that machine before you does. Don’t take any chances during flu season and wipe down anything you touch with your hands with a disinfectant wipe before starting your reps.

Keep your hands (and towel) away from your mouth.

It can be easy to subconsciously touch our mouths at the gym, like when you’re wiping off your mouth after drinking from the water fountain. However, this is a surefire way to get gym germs into your system, so be careful to avoid it. Also, don’t wipe your face with your towel or t-shirt that has likely touched surfaces you aren’t even aware of. During flu season, it’s best to just deal with the sweat instead of wiping it away with a potentially dirty towel.

Don’t go to the gym if you’re sick.

We know you want to try and work off an illness or power through so you don’t miss your session, but it’s not worth it. Not only are you exposing others to illness (which could end up back to you after it gets around the gym), but you are also especially susceptible to other harmful germs when you’re sick to begin with. Instead, do your workout at home or take the day off to recover.

Build your immune system. 

They say that defense wins championships, and when it comes to warding off sickness, we’d have to agree. Make sure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet, taking your supplements, and get a flu shot for extra protection. Staying hydrated is also a key factor in keeping your immunity up. Our Fallout recovery powder is not only full of vitamins and minerals, but it also has an electrolyte formula for superior hydration, so be sure to add this to your arsenal.

Get into healthy post-gym habits.

Not only should you be drinking a recovery supplement after a gym session, but you should also be conscious to not let any germs you picked up spread around the house or fester in your gym bag. Throw your gym clothes into the wash as soon as you get home and make sure to shower after a workout to rinse off any lingering germs that could transfer to your couch when you plop down to watch some Netflix.

Stay Healthy Year-Round With Atomic Strength

We all know that hitting the gym regularly can keep your heart and body strong, but it is believed to increase your overall resistance to certain illnesses like the flu and colds (as long as you follow the above tips and actively avoid catching a cold at the gym). This could be for a few reasons, but is likely because your body is overall strong and healthy and able to ward off certain viruses and bacteria at the gym and around the office.

Though, keep in mind, going too hard at the gym without giving your body the proper fuel it needs can make you worse for wear. If you’re hitting the gym during cold and flu season, make sure you are taking your pre and post workout supplements to help you stay energized and fuel recovery. Try adding our Fallout recover powder to your daily supplement regimen!
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