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In Search of Gains: The best supplements for Anabolic Sports Performance

In Search of Gains: The best supplements for Anabolic Sports Performance

If you're a young athlete you know you work harder than anyone else in the gym. To achieve your aggressive fitness goals and optimize performance you should try some very important supplements that can help boost energy levels, increase strength and improve overall body composition. Making the most of your training is really about optimizing your workout and making sure you are doing everything for your body to recover faster and stronger.

Let’s break down the best supplements to take to boost anabolic performance


Creatine Monohydrate

Hands down the best bang for your buck supplement on the market. Creatine works by increasing the number of phosphocreatine stores in the muscle cell, in this way you can replenish ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) stores faster, boosting intra-workout energy, performance and decreasing recovery time. A recent study showed that when compared to placebo alone, creatine supplementation increased Bench press by up to 46% - a massive increase for anyone who wants to build strength and power.


Whey Isolate
Protein ingestion is all about decreasing recovery time. Taking a whey protein directly after a workout assists in increasing muscle protein synthesis - the mechanism for optimal recovery. The king of all whey protein is the cold-filtered whey isolates. These proteins have very high amino acid profiles and digest rapidly. For an added benefit our Atomic Fuel X30 has no fat, no sugar, no gluten, no carbs and no lactose - perfect for an anytime protein to boost your recovery. For best results take directly after a workout or right before you sleep.


Carbohydrates Before and after Exercise

Every muscular contraction has one thing in common - they are powered by glycogen. Glycogen is your muscles fuel source and can only be found in carbohydrates. For this reason, many high-level athletes ingest clean sources of whole-food, high fiber carbohydrates. Some examples include sweet potatoes, Sprouted grains, fruit, and vegetables. Carbohydrate ingestion has long been shown to increase exercise potential by up to 50%, especially in endurance based activities - great for your long workout sessions.

Increasing your anabolic performance is a game of consistency. Regular, intense exercise, nutrition and proper supplementation will take your strength and powerlifting to the next level. If you are looking for an added boost to your strength be sure to check out our best selling Pre-Workout - Apocalypse.
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