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Joint Therapy 101

So many of us pride ourselves on our ability to lift heavy. Maybe you're even one of the best workout programmers - but have you ever thought about joint therapy?

Why Joint Therapy is Important

If you're unfamiliar with how muscles work on a very specific level than your joints may be taking a big hit. Every time you lift something, contract a muscle, you put stress on the joints - and more specifically the bones.

You see, muscles are attached to tendons which then attach to the bones. When you lift something heavy you put stress through this system of connections and can put consistent stress on bones and joints, which, if gone untreated can lead to injuries such as avulsion fractures, stress fractures and even muscle tears.

This is worst case scenario - and it's not something you want to get into. Taking care of your joints can be one of the best ways to ensure both strong training sessions and faster recovery.

Here are Three things you can do to take care of your joints.

Be Keen on Hydration

Perhaps one of the most overlooked components of any training program is hydration. Far too many of us just drink coffee and a couple cups of water daily.

Hydration means healthy muscles and healthy joints. Do yourself a favour and start to weigh yourself before and after each workout. For every pound you lose you should drink 20 ounces of water in order to compensate for water loss and keep performance up.

Eat More Fish and Soy

The entire benefits of eating fish and soy are to get as much omega 3 and protein as possible. Yes, you may have heard that calcium forms strong bones, but chances are you already obtain more than you need through milk, nuts/seeds and other grains (sesame seeds, for example, contain more calcium per gram than most foods).

Eating fish is a great way to obtain the clean protein that is relatively low in fat, and high in omega fatty acids. If you're not a fan of fish, then grab yourself some soy products such as edamame beans or tofu.

Soy products will also provide you with a decent source of fibre to help limit inflammation to joints and other soft tissue.

Supplement with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM

These are the three kings of joint therapy that should be included in your training program - especially if you lift heavy. Supplementing with Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM will ensure that your joints are getting the specific inflammation reduction and healing properties that are needed in order to continue to grow stronger without creeping into injury territory.

If you’re serious about your training and want to ensure growth without becoming injured then check out our post-workout formula. FALLOUT contains all the necessary amino acids to help sustain muscle growth, hydration tools such as MCT’s and a matrix of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to ensure strong joints and fast recovery.

This is not a supplement that you want to miss. Take care of your joints and sustain muscle growth with FALLOUT.

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