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L-Citrulline: How Does It Work?

We all want to have amazing workouts. Whether you’re like Arnold and you enjoy the pump, or maybe you like the stimulant effect of pre-workout amplifiers, all should have one ingredient in common.

I’d go so far as to say that a pre-workout is not complete without this particular ingredient. This ingredient is L-Citrulline.

Citrulline may come in many forms but the basis of supplementation is to increase the potential for performance. Citrulline is not a stimulant, instead, it is primarily a pump or vasodilator and also has a secondary use to prevent ammonia concentration in muscle (we'll talk more about this).

Of all the potent anabolic supplements you can take there is nothing that has a larger direct effect on overall performance than citrulline.

What is Citrulline?

On the most basic level, citrulline is an amino acid that becomes metabolized into arginine. In this role, it makes it a more effective tool than arginine alone.

Citrulline supplementation comes in a couple popular forms - either as L-citrulline, or as citrulline malate - although most research that has been conducted will turn to L-citrulline as a more effective tool for decreasing overall ammonia concentration in muscle, and the corresponding nitric oxide recycling that occurs through arginine (it’s primary use).

As with many other amino acids, citrulline will be found plentiful in many sources of dense protein, although the most effective way to obtain citrulline through your diet is by eating fruit and vegetables - especially melons like watermelon, and cantaloupe.

TOP TIP: Looking for a sweet and tasty source of citrulline. Cacao powder actually contains some of the highest sources of citrulline, which could be the reason many bodybuilders choose chocolate and coffee as an effect pre-workout.

How to Use Citrulline

We know that citrulline is a nitric oxide booster and helps to limit the production of ammonia in the body, but how can this supplement be used best in order to amplify performance.

Ammonia prevents oxidation - and without getting too technical, this means that you will not be able to best utilize your glycolysis cycle - which mostly accounts for moderate-high intensity training.

This makes citrulline one of the most effective supplements for those involved in powerlifting, CrossFit and other high-intensity sports as citrulline has been shown to increase anabolic performance in just one workout.

Research also shows that it can also be an effective supplement for heart health and cardiovascular performance.

Increase Performance and Recovery

L-citrulline supplementation has been confused over the years. Many people view this supplement as a pump-enforcer, which, in many cases, the increase in arginine can facilitate this, but citrulline supplementation works in many more ways.

Either through the recycling of ammonia to allow for greater performance, or the increase in nitric oxide to help enable faster recovery and greater strength, citrulline should not be left out of any pre-workout routine.

Here at Atomic Strength, our team of formulators came across the many benefits of citrulline - both for performance and recovery. For that reason, we added citrulline in a plentiful dosage to our pre-workout for greater performance and effective recovery.

For greater strength in just one workout be sure to checkout APOCALYPSE, our premium, kick you in the butt, pre-workout amplifier.

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