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Supplement stacks are a great way to take the guesswork out of choosing which supplements to take to reach a certain goal. There is no one-size-fits-all supplement, nor is there a single supplement that can do everything. However, if you’re searching for a well-rounded supplement regimen and aren’t sure where to start, a curated supplement stack can help and ensure your pre-, during-, and post-workout needs are being met.

Today, we’re taking some time to go over the basics of each of our curated supplement stacks. If you have any questions about our stacks, call or text one of our supplement coaches. Learn more about our supplement stacks below. Keep in mind that you have total choice over the flavor options for each supplement so you can be sure to get exactly what you want.

Lean Muscle Stack

Products Included

The Lean Muscle Stack from Atomic Strength includes everything you need to shred fat and build lean, hard muscle (well — almost everything. The hard work and dedication still need to come from you). Our Fuel X30 is the purest form of whey protein isolate on the market and is sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free. Basically it’s everything you could want in a clean protein powder without the junk. The Apocalypse pre-workout powder with citrulline and creatine gives you a tasty boost of clean energy without the jitters or crash so you can give it all your might in the gym. Finally, the Fallout post-workout recovery powder helps your muscles and joints repair themselves to help you feel better after a workout and get ready for the next one.

Lean & Sexy Stack

Products Included

Like the previous stack, our weight loss stack, Lean & Sexy, has our Fuel X30 protein powder and Fallout joint recovery. With it, you also have the option between the Firestarter fat burner and the Inferno thermogenic fat burner. For beginners, we recommend Inferno. This fat burner supplement helps to suppress your appetite and increase your core body temperature to burn fat all day. Firestarter is more intense, potent, and powerful to increase your metabolic rate without the crash or jitters.

Atomic Athlete Stack

Products Included

This muscle building stack has everything that the Lean Muscle one does, plus our Creatine Matrix — a favorite supplement of Atomic Strength athletes. Creatine supplements have a bad reputation for causing stomach distress and having a need for constant cycling and loading to get the benefits. There are different kinds of creatine, and our tri-blend formula ensures you get all of the benefits of creatine without the loading and cycling.

Atomic Muscle Stack

Products Included

We curated this stack for men over 30 who are trying to pack on muscle without increasing body fat. It is designed to help you look and perform like a younger athlete by giving you the supplements you need for fuel your workout and recover from it. The star of this muscle building stack is the Atomic_One pre-workout testosterone booster. This natural test booster is designed to buffer lactic acid, boost energy, and give you a surge of strength and power so you have the stamina you need to finish a workout.

Lean & Mean Stack

Products Included

This fat burner stack is similar to our Lean & Sexy stack, but it is designed as a men’s weight loss stack with muscle building components thanks to the natural testosterone booster. This stack has the elements you need to lose fat around the belly, increase strength, power, and libido, and build lean muscle mass.

Power Stack

Products Included

This total-performance Power supplement stack is specifically designed for athletes who want to increase their performance, lose fat, and build muscles. The Power Stack can give you the energy you need to fuel your workout while increasing the size and strength of muscles.

Super-Man Stack

Products Included

This is another supplement stack we have designed for men over the age of 30 who need the power that comes with a testosterone boosting pre-workout and the energy and endurance that comes from a creatine supplement. This powerful stack helps increase muscle size and strength, boost energy levels all day long, and increase athletic performance and stamina.

Hard Body Stack

Products Included

This muscle building stack is perfect for those looking to burn fat while building bigger, stronger muscles. This total supplement stack includes everything you need for pre-workout energy, post-workout recovery, and all-day fat burning and muscle building.

CEO Stack

Products Included

This one is named after the CEO and founder of Atomic Strength, as it’s his stack of choice. According to Marcus, this stack has him lifting more than he did 20 years ago and looking and performing like a younger athlete. Essentially, it has everything mature men need to boost their athletic performance, have long-lasting energy without the jitters, and build lean muscle.

Need Help Choosing A Supplement Stack?

We hope the above information helps you decide which supplement stack is right for you. Whether you are looking for a fat loss stack to help you lose stubborn fat or you are trying to find a stack to help you pack on mass, we’ve got you covered. If you still have questions,  call or text one of our supplement coaches for advice!

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