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Lift Heavier: The Importance of Joint Therapy

When it comes to weightlifting there is one thing we can all agree on - lifting heavy produces great results.

Although lifting heavy can be a very effective tool in promoting strength and size, it puts massive stress on your ligaments, bones and tendons. If left untreated this is the type of injury that can nag and nag - dragging back your true performance and potential.

The reality of weightlifting is that you are going to lift heavy - especially if your goal is hypertrophy (increase in muscle cell size). Truth be told, lifting heavy is primal - I mean, we all enjoy it, but we do need to be careful and pay close attention to the signals our body is displaying out prior to an injury.

In order to optimize your strength, you need to find a happy balance between training and recovery - with a constant emphasis on joint therapy (these are the guys that take the biggest blow after heavy training sessions).

Guaranteed, the last time you did heavy deadlifts or squats you had sore knees and a sore back - this might not necessarily be all muscle breakdown, some of it could truly be soreness in the joints allowing movement in these exercises.

Without healthy and strong joints, you can't train hard.

Here Are Some Ways To Take care of Your Joints


The most underrated aspect of training and joint therapy. Without hydrated muscles, tendons and ligaments your body will struggle to function - especially at high loads. We recommend drinking 100-140 ounces of water daily and supplementing with electrolytes and cell hydration whenever possible.

Anti-Inflammatory Aids

Traditional NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the go-to for many athletes, but we wouldn't recommend taking a naproxen or ibuprofen at the end of every workout.

Your body must get used to handling stress on its own - only with the help of minor aids.

One of the most effective anti-inflammatory aids is a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. Not only do these ingredients have countless years of peer-reviewed science to back them up, but they have been used for generations as medications for arthritis and general pain management.

Does this mean you can squat heavier? No, not necessarily. These are not boosters in any way, but they will help you to recover faster and recover more effectively - which can lead to higher weights, PR’s and faster progressions without injury, or pain.

Our Recommendation

You lift heavy and expect the results to come, but in some cases, you may not be putting enough emphasis on the total stress your muscles and joints are under. Stay hydrated and consume anti-inflammatory aids - both of these will help you to become stronger and avoid injury - while being pain-free (the best benefit).

For a complete post-workout formula look no further than our premium FALLOUT blend. We’ve included everything from hydration tool, anti-inflammatory tools and a complete BCAA complex to help you accelerate recovery and jump back into a workout.

Take care of your joints, and watch the muscle pack on - try FALLOUT today.

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