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Mastering Series: Hanging Leg Raise Pt. 2

In Part 1 of Mastering the Hanging Leg Raises we discussed what specific moment cues would help you to best master your strength, and why you should be focussing on the hanging leg raise over exercises like crunches.

In this second section, we are going to detail the most effective ways you can train the hanging leg raise. Let's get into it.

Hanging Leg Raise Training

This is an exercise you will want to give some dedicated time to.

Some people like to add a core exercise or two at the end of a workout, while others like to have dedicated core sessions. In both cases, this exercise should be included as a primary movement skill.

By this we mean you should focus on this movement as a primary exercise. It should not be something you do at the end of a workout - but instead an exercise that is a focus for your workout.

Think of the hanging leg raise as an accessory exercise to all your big lifts.

The stronger your core, the better your deadlift, squat, overhead press, and bent over row will be. All your major lifts can increase with a stronger core.

Use Low Reps and High Sets

Before you try pumping out 50 reps of this you should be sure that you have near-perfect form in your active leg raises. This means we should start off with lower rep schemes. We suggest rep schemes like 4x4 sets or 6x4 sets. In this way, you can ensure that each rep has a maximal effort and has great form.

Use Supersets

Hanging core can be paired with all kinds of exercises. One of the most effective is that of planking exercises.

As you grow stronger you can start to double up and complete 4-6 reps of hanging leg raises, paired with 1-2 minutes of plank.

This will help to provide both isotonic strength and isometric strength - both of which are important for your big lifts.

Combo With Pull-ups

Are leg raises getting too easy for you? Perhaps it’s time to start a combo with pull-ups or complex toe-to-bar exercises.

The possibilities are endless with the hanging leg raise. The most important part about training this exercise is to realize that progress will take time.

Since you are training an area that is potentially weak and unstable, you shouldn't put a mass amount of stress from day one. Take your time, work into more difficult exercises and try to have fun with your progressions.

If you have questions about how you can make a complete workout with Hanging Leg Raises be sure to contact us as we will sort you out!

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