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NEW | Atomic_One Pre: Training Guide

Atomic_One Pre is a new and revolutionary supplement that defines a new era of hybrid products to go along with your training regime.

Think about this. Your workouts have been constantly changing.

Ever since you started to train you have implemented various training techniques that offer a wide variety of strength adaptation - but has you pre-workout changed? Has your pre-workout become anything different than the standard caffeine and creatine?

This is why we are so proud of the new Atomic_One Pre Workout. This product is not just for those who are looking for a potent and powerful pre-workout amplifier, but also those who are looking to experiment with new and unique formulas that match the complex nature of your training.

Chances are if you’ve come across our brand you are not the regular joe in the gym. You train hard and expect the results to come.

The training sessions you do are intense and require a supplement that can sustain your performance and expectations.

Atomic_One Pre is a new product that combines all the best benefits of a pre-workout amplifier and testosterone boosting potential into one package - here is the best workout to stack with our new product.

Disclaimer: This workout is not for the faint of heart. This workout is intended to be very difficult and requires a high level of strength and conditioning to finish.

Here is Your Workout





Bear Complex



Hand Walkouts



Walking Lunges

12 forward/12 back


Hindu Pushup






1km Run



500m Power Row



*RBE: Rest time in seconds, between exercises
**RBC: Rest time in seconds, between full circuits

Workout Notes:

  • This workout is set up similar to a traditional Tabata or circuit. You will move from one exercise to the next when you have completed the required number of repetitions.

    If needed, take a 10-20s break between exercises to catch your breath.

  • Start this workout off with 3 total rounds and as you grow stronger throughout the weeks you can increase the intensity to 5 total rounds.

  • At no point should you sacrifice form in order to complete reps. Instead, either drop the total repetitions or take longer rest times in order to maintain conditioning and form.

  • This workout is designed to be difficult as it tests your endurance, strength and mental fortitude. Our new Atomic_One Pre Workout is the perfect workout amplifier to help you get through the training session and allow for the fastest and most effective recovery after your workout.

Interested in trying out the all-new Atomic_One Pre Workout? Find out more about our formula or take a tour of the shop here.

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