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Resolutions: Three Tips to Stay on Track All Year Long

The thought of a new year's resolution is scary. Most people will agree - for you to be happy with your new habit or resolution, it needs to last all year long. But how? Why do many people fail to keep their new year's resolutions for longer than a month?

In most cases, people fail because the goals they create really are not obtainable, or practical. In addition to outrageous goals, it's rare to find someone who structures their goal and creates actionable targets to achieve it.

Without structure or action, our goals are just words.

Let's break down three tips to help you stay on track all year long.

#1 - Objectives and Key Results

OKR, for short, is a system used by massive corporations to manage the goals and outcomes of the company. Without a tracking system, each moving part is independent - when they need to be integrated as a whole.

OKR's work by breaking down a specific goal into additional categories. Take the example of Jane. Jane wants to lose weight and build muscle. She wants to be able to squat her bodyweight by the end of the year - awesome goal!

Objectives: Lose weight, Squat Bodyweight

Key Results

The key results are a little more tricky. For weight loss, Jane should drink more water, supplement one meal for a protein shake, and walk each day.

For the squat, Jane needs to Squat 3x a week, with progressive overload.

OKR's break down the goal and enable you to succeed in tracking your results.

#2 - Set Goals You Can Achieve

Way too often the mistake is made to create a goal that is far too difficult or different for the person. Janes goals are attainable and they do not change who she is, they just instal new habits.

Take time to step back and ask yourself if this goal is actually something you could do. Chances are, saving enough money for a new house isn’t attainable, but maybe saving up for a new TV or a downpayment on an apartment is. 


#3 - Eat Wholesome Food

By far the most underrated aspect of everyone's life. Food has concrete effects on our physiology. Some people lack digestive properties for food or have allergies - while others simply don't, and can eat whatever they want.

The age-old saying is true - “you are what you eat”.

We're not just talking about eating wholesome food for weight loss, but also for vitality, and a better life. Good food can alter your mood, keep you motivated, and of course - accelerate your weight loss and strength goals.

Take advantage of the fresh and tasty food that is reasonably available to you and try to avoid eating processed foods that don't bring any value to your nutrition.

New years can be tricky. It's a time where everyone makes claims to a new life, but few succeed. Remember, this is a journey for 12 months - results will not come quickly, but consistency will prevail. Track your goals by using OKR's, set goals you can actually achieve and eat wholesome food to encourage the process.

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