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Shredding Fat: How to Lose Fat in your 20's

by Atomic Strength Nutrition November 01, 2017

Shredding Fat: How to Lose Fat in your 20's

At a young age, your body is constantly growing and building muscle - mechanisms that require fat stores. There are some very simple methods that when implemented properly can help you shred fat and gain muscle.

Here are the best ways to get to the 10% club

#1 - Try a high-fat diet

Strange right? The human body works in mysterious ways, but it has been shown to thrive in a high-fat diet. let's be clear, by no means are we saying you should eat endless bowls of fried chicken. Over the years a style of dieting called Intermittent fasting has come on the rise.

Intermittent fasting caters towards a high-fat diet, where you eat 1-2 large meals, within a 6hour time period. An example of this would be to eat your first meal at 1 P.M and your second at 6 P.M *you shouldn't eat at any time before or after this. Since you are only eating two meals you will need to eat calorically dense foods, such as nuts, beef, dark grains etc. Charles Poliquin, a Canadian Strength Expert popularized the Meat and Nut Breakfast, great for starting off your day.

When compared to low-fat diets, low-carbohydrate (high fat) diets showed a greater ability to lower fat stores and optimize body composition.

 #2 Exercise for Longer Periods of time

Basic exercise physiology tells us that the longer the duration of exercise, the greater the demands are on fat to fuel energy. Short bursts of activity will always recruit glycogen stores - a precursor to carbohydrate intake, therefore training for a longer duration will require other sources of fuel.

Our goal as a young athlete looking to lose fat is to maintain a fat oxidation cycle. To do this we need to stay between 40-60% of our total energy output for a long duration. An example of this would be a traditional HIIT style workout, with lower intensity for a high duration of time.  

#3 Supplement a Fat Burner

Exercise and Nutrition can take you far, but supplementing something specific to your goal will help you push your limits. Our best-selling Fat Burner, Inferno comes packed with scientifically proven fat loss ingredients to help you achieve your goals. Inferno provides sustained energy, suppresses appetite, increases your metabolic rate and has no crash.

Getting to the 10% club can be difficult. Follow these simple methods to help optimize your body composition and stay ahead of the competition.

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