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Test Boosting: How to Increase Testosterone for Muscle Growth

Test Boosting: How to Increase Testosterone for Muscle Growth

Above all efforts you make in the gym, optimizing your free-testosterone levels is the most important. Testosterone, on a basic level is a chemical messenger - stimulating growth and hormone regulation. If testosterone is too high you can become more subject to mood swings, loss of sleep and more. Too low and you will feel fatigued, muscles will not recover as fast and you may even lack in fertility. Our goal is to regulate testosterone levels.

Here are the top tips for optimizing testosterone levels

#1: Exercise regularly

Pretty simple, but on average men that exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels. Many studies even show clear correlations to an increase in testosterone and regular exercise that continue for up to a year. This tells us that the longer you exercise and stay on track, the better your serum testosterone levels will be.

#2: Eat a Well Balanced diet

A traditional American diet consists of 40% of our food from fat. Most recommendations show this to be fat too high, especially if the fat comes from trans fats and animal sources. Recent research has shown that when there is a decrease in saturated fat intake (-15% of total calories), there is a decrease in serum testosterone levels. This indicated that in order to optimize testosterone levels we should ingest foods moderately high in saturated fats. Some of these foods are nuts, seeds, milk and chicken.

#3 Get lots of sleep

Perhaps one of the most important aspects for anyone who wishes to increase and optimize free-testosterone levels. Sleep is crucial to your muscle development and vitality because during sleep your body naturally produces testosterone. In periods of wakefulness, especially prolonged wakefulness your testosterone production will significantly decrease. The recommendation for sleep each night is 7-9 hours, with an increase dependant on your age and activity levels. Most strength experts will agree that 9-10 hours is optimal for growth and vitality.

Supplementing is the final stage of testosterone optimization. There are many supplements that claim to help improve testosterone but many of these are synthesized and our body cannot properly metabolize them. Our scientifically formulated testosterone booster contains D-Aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris and estrogen blocking ingredients to ensure a powerful effect. To optimize your workout and boost testosterone levels try our best selling ATOMIC_ONE testosterone booster.
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