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Valentines Day: The Best Workout For Couples

Have you ever tried to work out with your partner?

Maybe you checked out one of the yoga studios on the corner, tried some acro yoga - or perhaps you found a sweet youtube video that showcased couple exercises and thought you’d give them a try.

Not to put a damper on any of these styles of training - but seriously, the best couple workout is one that pushes both of you to build strength and lose weight - together.

In order to shed off some pounds, you guys need to be training together on a serious strength program.

That's why we created a unique couples workout that will not only be fun and interactive but is also progressive in nature, helps you lose weight and will build muscle - meaning you can work together to grow stronger.

The Atomic Strength Couple Workout

Atomic Strength



Forward-Backward Lunge With Pass

12 Each Leg


Up and down the Rack, Barbell Rows (Partner Changes weight)

4x5 (20 total)


Supine, Med Ball Chest Press



Partner Assisted Pistol Squat

6 Each Leg


WheelBarrow Pushup With Squat



Reach and Touch Plank + Pushup



Closing Notes and Progression Techniques

Working out with your partner will require a high amount of motivation on behalf of the both of you.

Even if you two have different goals, one to lose weight and the other to build muscle, this simple workout program will suit both - especially when you integrate progressive overload.

Why Would We Create A Difficult Couple Workout?

The simple answer, difficulty defines character. Yes, training with your partner should be fun, interactive and engaging - yet the added bonus of losing weight together will help you push harder and motivate each other.

This is one workout you will definitely want to try before you pass it off and go for a hot yoga session.

How to Progress

Progression comes in many ways, but perhaps the best way you can make progressions is with progressive overload.

Progressive overload is a method used to put more and more stress on muscle tissue without risking injury. The best way to utilize progressive overload is with set cycling.

Take the example of your first exercise.

Forward-Backward Lunge With Pass

12 Each Leg


In order to make strength progressions with this exercise, we should drop the number of reps (per set) we do and increase the weight. A 12x4 is a total of 48 reps. We want to keep the rep count fairly close to the original, yet increase the weight.

Try this.

Forward-Backward Lunge With Pass

8 Each Leg


We have now decreased the reps/set but increased the amount of weight. After a week of training at 8x6, you can move back to your 12x4 at the increased weight and repeat the process.

This set cycling will ensure that you are always challenging yourself to achieve your weight loss and strength goals.

Added Bonus

For best results, be sure to supplement with our clean Pre-Workout.

Apocalypse contains 2’000mg of Beta-Alanine, a supplement that has been shown to buffer lactic acid production - enabling you to exercise through longer sets.

If you are looking for something different than your traditional hot yoga or spin class, be sure to check out our couples workout. Not only is it progressive, but it will help to challenge the both of you to lose weight, build strength and gain back your confidence.  

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