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Weight Loss: 5 Foods You Need To Avoid

How long have you been on the current diet you are on without seeing true results?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Weight loss is one of the most challenging aspects of personal health and fitness. We all struggle with it - but why? Surely, we can't all be doing the wrong things?

The best diet is one that is balanced, but there still are some foods that we should avoid if you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism.

Here Are Five Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

White Bread

Before we all jump on carbs and say they are bad - we want to emphasize the benefits of a balanced diet, which includes carbohydrates. With that said, white bread lacks some of the most fundamental benefits of eating a carbohydrate-rich diet.

Naturally sourced carbohydrates like grains and vegetables are rich in fibre, proteins and micronutrients. The act of processing the bread into white flour removes most, if not all of the nutritional benefits of carbohydrates.

If your goal is to lose weight you should avoid white breads, bagels and any other breads that are low in fibre, protein and micronutrients (vitamins/minerals).

Sugary Drinks

We all know that a diet high in sugar is not good for you. Looking at carbohydrates again - your main source of digested sugar - eating fruit, vegetables and some grains should provide you with all the sugar your body needs to thrive in a day.

Having a soda might be a nice way to relax at the end of the day - but the inclusion of high, processed sugar will do nothing beneficial for your body or performance in weight loss.


Having a couple drinks with friends is an awesome way to spend an evening - but you need to be sure you understand that alcohol has a caloric definition.

Just as carbohydrates, proteins and fats have a specific amount of calories per gram - so does alcohol.

Alcohol contains 7k/cal per gram - which is nearly double the calories of carbs and proteins - and the energy is not as well utilized.

Having a glass of wine or a beer once in a while is perfect, yet if your goals are weight loss you should decrease alcohol consumption to the best of your ability.

High Fat Foods

Depending on your tolerance and metabolic rate, having a diet sourced with high amounts of fat - especially trans fats is detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Do your best to consume about 20-30% of your daily intake of calories from unsaturated fat sources such as nuts, seeds, beans and lean meats.

Cream/Rich Dairy Products

Heck yes, they taste good, but are they good for you? High-fat dairy products such as cream, ice cream and other rich dairy products also contain high amounts of sugar which will not help you lose weight or make suitable changes to your metabolism.

Too much ice cream is an obvious no-no.

You may have noticed a pretty clear trend here - high fat and high sugar are not the best forms of dietary intake when you are trying to lose weight - or build muscle. You should always, to the best of your ability, emphasize a whole-food diet that limits as many processed foods as possible.

For an added boost to your weight loss, the science behind low-calorie protein ingestion cannot go unnoticed. Research shows that supplementing with a proteins rich diet can be one of the most effective tools for weight loss and gains in lean muscle mass.

For a potent, low-calorie protein source be sure to check out our premium protein shake,  FUEL X30.

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