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Why Protein Will Help With Weight Loss

Everyone likes a good steak - but what if we told you that eating more protein could actually help you to lose weight?

Yep, that's right, protein is not only important for muscle growth and recovery, but also for weight loss.

Protein and Weight Loss

Protein is important for weight loss for two main reasons.

1. It’s Low in Calories

Protein contains an average of 4 calories per gram - this is less than half the calories of fat and about the same as carbohydrates.

This means you can eat more than other macronutrients and not worry about exceeding your caloric allowance.

2. It is Not A Stored Macronutrient

This is perhaps the most important reason why protein can help you to lose weight. On top of it being low in calories, and excess of protein is not stored.

Remember, excess carbs are stored as glycogen, and excess fat is stored as adipose tissue. Eating too much of this could cause you to gain weight - whereas excess protein may not have the same effect.

Research shows a diet that contains approximately 1.2-1.6g/kg of body weight or about 20-30g of protein per meal can help to effectively sustain weight loss and be essential for growth.

Things to Keep In Mind

Before you go and start chowing down on a bunch of protein to lose weight - it's important to keep some concepts in mind.

Keep to Lean Sources of Protein

Meats are notoriously high in fat - especially red meats. If you are going to start increasing your protein intake be sure to stay to lean protein sources like chicken, fish, turkey and beans.

High Protein is Stressful

Protein, especially protein from meat sources can be stressful on the liver and metabolism. Eating a diet that contains a wide array of protein sources will help to obtain protein metabolizers to better absorb the nutrients and influence greater weight loss without the negative health outcomes.

Supplement For Sustainable Weight Loss

Aside from whole-foods sources, the best way to get your protein is through a complete supplement. You should do your best to find a complete Whey Isolate like our FUEL X30, as it contains a great source of readily available amino acids and it won't put as much digestive stress on your internal organs.

Those looking for complete weight loss should always emphasize balance in their diet - although it is important to remember that meeting your protein requirements will help to feel full and emphasize effective weight loss.

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