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Women’s Weight Loss: 3 Quick Tips for Women Age 40+

Women’s Weight Loss: 3 Quick Tips for Women Age 40+

Losing fat is one of the most common goals amongst women in their 40s but the trouble is there is so much conflicting information online that you can't understand what will work for you.

Fat loss in any scenario is a game of consistency. Any well-balanced diet you adhere to can help you lose fat and gain muscle. The difficulty comes with counting calories, progressing in workouts and recovering fast. Fortunately there are a couple top tips we can suggest to help you effectively lose weight in your 40s.

Let's take a look at a some top tips that will help us optimize the amount of fat we lose - and keep it off.

Try Meal Replacements

Easy to digest smoothies and protein shakes make a great high-nutrient meal replacements. Our best selling protein powder FUEL X30 comes packed with a triple cold-filtered whey protein isolates and Vitafiber - a prebiotic soluble fibre. This protein shake goes great with fruit for great a low calorie, filling breakfast.

Optimize Your Workout

Getting the most out of every workout is perhaps the most important thing to consider for losing weight in your 40s. For more energy and faster recovery Atomic Strength has created a revolutionary BCAA formula that provides essential nutrients, hydrators, and joint support.FALLOUT is a game changer for losing weight in your 40s. Work harder with more energy using Fallout.

Stay Hydrated

This is the most simple, yet overlooked aspect of any lifestyle change for weight loss and fat loss. Our body is about 60-70% water, staying hydrated will enable all your skeletal muscle, organs and soft tissue to function properly. A recent study found that when individuals drank 500ml of water prior to every meal over a 12 week period they lost more than 2kg of weight than the group that drank no water. This is the easiest change to your diet you can make to lose weight and fat over time.

For an added boost to your fat loss be sure to check out our best selling Fat Burner, Inferno.
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