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ZMA Complex: Is It An Effective Testosterone Booster?

Many of us know the basics of protein, carbohydrates and fats - these are the macronutrients that provide the bulk of our calories.

We know that from a general standpoint, protein can help with muscle growth, carbohydrates provide energy and fats help to balance hormones but to a certain extent, there are many other nutrients that help our body acquire more energy and balance the internal systems.

Some of the most important and largely overlooked supplements for balancing normal growth are zinc, magnesium and your b-vitamins.


This compound is not actually a micronutrient, rather since it can be found in large amounts it is not known as a complete trace mineral.

Zinc is responsible for many internal systems in the body, but when it comes to human performance in sport the biggest area of concern comes with the correlation of low zinc to low testosterone.


A very important nutrient for the human body - especially in the scope of strength and endurance yet most Americans are actually below the recommended daily allowance.

Magnesium is very important for muscle contraction and nerve transmission - in other words, magnesium can control the way your body responds to resistance training.

B Vitamins

The B class of vitamins are trace minerals, although they still play a large role in metabolic function and energy requirements.

B12 can stay in the body for upwards of a year, so our main concern comes with the lower levels of B6 or B3.

This water-soluble nutrient helps support adrenal function (growth) and is crucial for the maintenance of metabolic function.

These three ingredients come together in a unique combination that forms what's called a ZMA complex.

What is a ZMA Complex?

A ZMA complex is the combination of specific doses of zinc, magnesium and B6. Early research found that zinc and magnesium were largely found to be malnourished in most American diets. The inclusion of B6 is primarily used to maintain metabolic function.

Usage and Dosage

A ZMA complex finds its primary use as a testosterone regulator. Behind D-Aspartic acid, ZMA complex’ has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for increasing free-testosterone production in healthy men.

Increased Strength

Clinical research on ZMA also shows very strong benefits for improving your overall training adaptation during strength workouts.

Better Sleep

Zinc and Magnesium have also been paired with other sleep aids to help enhance sleep and allow for a greater quality of life in insomnia patients.


The variable dosage found online can make it difficult to find a product that is effective and right for your needs. The most beneficial dosage for each are as follows:

Zinc: 20-30mg daily

Magnesium: 350-450mg daily

B6: 10mg

NOTE: Keep in mind, the above dosage is for those on a 2000 calorie diet. If you’re a big boy, with big strength goals you may want to take more as needed.

Balance Your Body With ZMA Complex

A ZMA complex is not only a great product for balancing the daily needs of your body, but it is also a highly potent anabolic agent. The combination of zinc, magnesium and B6 is included in our primary test booster - ATOMIC_ONE.

For a potent and clinically developed way to increase strength, power, vitality and overall performance, look no further than ATOMIC_ONE.

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