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This Stack is specially curated for the hard working Dad who needs the extra push to accomplish all of his goals.


Atomic_One Gold -

The #1 Test booster on the market has arrived. Clinically dosed to increase energy, strength and performance ATOMIC_ONE GOLD is your next secret weapon between the squat rack and the sheets.


Testosterone is a key ingredient in fat loss and muscle-building formula. Optimal testosterone levels mean lower body fat, greater strength, and increased blood flow. When combined with strength training, ATOMIC_ONE GOLD builds a lean machine.


Testosterone is a potent anabolic hormone that contributes to strength and power. Powerlifters, weightlifters, and strength athletes once only dreamed of finding a powerful test booster like ATOMIC_ONE GOLD.


We pride ourselves on using all-natural, premium ingredients that are safe to use and ATOMIC_ONE GOLD is no exception. With safe, clinically-dosed, research-based ingredients packed in every serving ‒ you’re free to weaponize your workouts.

Fuel X30 -

The cleanest protein on the market, clinically formulated to help you lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, and enhance recovery. Fuel X30 is the ideal protein for those recovering from bariatric or weight loss surgery, or for those who simply prefer that their protein supplement contains pure, easy to digest protein, and nothing else.

  • Pure premium whey protein isolate 
  • Clinically formulated to build lean muscle, increase metabolism and burn fat 
  • No fillers or chemical additives
  • Easy to digest
  • Highly bioavailable undenatured protein
  • Great taste and mixes easily


Fuel X30 is Fat FREE, Sugar FREE, Gluten FREE, Lactose FREE & Carb FREE!

& Your Choice of:

Atomic_One Pre-Workout -

Hardcore lifters rejoice, this powerful blend contains the potent ingredients clinically proven to give you a surge of energy, pump and vitality that will push you to your limits. Atomic_One Pre Workout is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before - combining the best of testosterone amplification with pre-workout rush to achieve an insanely strong workout like no other. 

  • Powerful Buffer of Lactic Acid
  • Potent Stamina and Long Lasting Energy
  • Massive Surge of Strength and Power
  • Hardcore Testosterone Amplification


Fallout Recovery -

Fallout is the most advanced COMPLETE muscle and joint recovery formula on the market. Fallout is clinically formulated to help your body repair itself faster so you can perform at your highest level.

Best of all, Fallout has ZERO CALORIES!

  • Build & Repair Muscle with a complete BCAA blend
  • Delay the onset of Muscle Soreness
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Joint Repair Formula
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Electrolyte formula for superior cell hydration


Take 3 capsule of Atomic_One Gold in the morning with breakfast and 3 in the evening.

Take Fuel X30 just after a workout and either before bed or as a morning smoothie.

Take Fallout just after a workout.

Take Atomic_One Pre-Workout 30 minutes before your workout.


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