About Us

Atomic Strength Nutrition was founded in 2013 with one simple goal in mind: Deliver high quality products that actually work.  


"I’ve been in the supplement industry for nearly 20 years, and have used nutritional supplements most of my adult life. As I’ve gotten older I began to realize that it was becoming harder and harder to progress and recover from intense workouts. I became prone to injury and always had aches and pains, despite taking every recovery supplement on the market available to me. I embarked on a journey to formulate the ultimate recovery supplement, something that would truly work for me personally. After months of researching ingredients and working with chemists and formulators, using only the purest, highest quality ingredients and processes, the result was Fallout. Fallout was so well received by athletes I realized the entire industry was lacking a full line of supplements backed by science and research, so Atomic Strength Nutrition was born. We built this company as a family and are excited for you to become a part of it."

-Marcus Soto



Research has shown that as you get older, your muscles and joints are more susceptible to training-induced damage, and repairing that damage takes longer than it did when you were in your twenties or younger. We specialize in sports nutrition supplements that help athletes of all ages, but that are extremely beneficial to athletes in their 30's and beyond.

Our team of formulators have years of experience and use only the highest quality raw ingredients with a proven track record of results. We are constantly researching new ingredients and combinations. The focus is on creating an excellent product as measured by scientific data, and real-world performance results. We beta test every product before releasing it to the public. Our products have been so consistent that our customers now expect the best from us, every time. 

From world-class athletes to weekend warriors, we strive to produce the most effective products available. We strive to helping athletes do what they love, at any age, providing them the highest quality supplements to get the most out of every workout, recover faster, and prevent injury.


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We stand behind our products 100% and provide unparalleled support to our customers.  


No marketing gimmicks, no false advertising; just products that work.