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The Lean & Sexy Stack is designed for the athlete looking to get… you guessed it, lean and sexy! The Lean & Sexy Stack is designed for the athlete looking to optimize body composition, build lean muscle and lose fat. This unique blend of clinically proven products is built so at you can train at your best.

The lean and Sexy Stack is clinically built to:

  • Help increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase fat loss around the belly
  • Help you achieve chiseled abs
  • Reduces soreness
  • Relieving joint pain
  • Accelerating recovery

The Lean and Sexy Stack contains only clinically proven products that target fat loss, and build muscle. Use the clean whey protein isolate, BCAA complete recovery and fat burner to achieve the lean and sexy body that you have been dreaming of.

1. Before you get lean and sexy you'll need to choose your Fat Burner:
  • Inferno (Great for beginners) – Scientifically dosed all natural fat burner clinically proven to shred body fat by both suppressing appetite and dramatically increasing core body temperature. It’s like doing cardio all day long! Inferno provides a smooth steady energy.
  • Firestarter (Potent & Powerful) – A high intensity fat burner, unmatched by any other on the market. Scientifically formulated to provide laser mental focus and intense energy, increase metabolic rate and supercharge fat burn, with NO CRASH!

      2. Fallout – The most complete muscle and joint recovery formula on the market, scientifically formulated using the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients that will help your body repair itself faster, help you feel better, perform at a higher level, and prevent injury.

      3. Fuel X30 (2 lb.) The purest form of premium whey protein isolate in existence, clinically formulated to build lean, solid muscle while speeding up your metabolism to burn unwanted fat. Sugar FREE, Fat FREE, Lactose FREE, Carb FREE, and Gluten FREE. Everything you want in a delicious protein, nothing you don’t.


      To get the most out of your workouts, ADD APOCALYPSE PRE-WORKOUT to THIS STACK to attain the lean & sexy physique of your dreams even faster. achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS, PERFORMANCE, PUMP AND POWER FROM EVERY WORKOUT.

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