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Atomic_One is a powerful testosterone boosting supplement. Not only are the ingredients clinically proven to work, but many of them may actually help you feel younger and more vibrant while increasing your performance in the gym.

As we age, our testosterone levels will start to decrease. Testosterone, on a fundamental level, is the hormone that makes a man - a man. It's what enables you to grow taller and stronger in adolescence. However, after the age of about 25-30 your testosterone levels will start to gradually decrease, making it all the more important to use a testosterone boosting supplement or a pre-workout powder that includes a testosterone booster. 

The formula for Atomic_One was created with a unique blend of ingredients to help:

  • Reduce Muscle Soreness: Atomic_One contains unique ingredients to help limit the onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)
  • Increase Strength and Power: Powerful ingredients clinically-proven to help boost anabolic potential and decrease recovery time
  • Reduce Body Fat Accumulation: Atomic_One's clinically proven ingredients increase free and active testosterone, increasing sleep and reducing the onset and accumulation of body fat


Our clinically formulated supplement works to target four main areas of performance:

  1. Increase Energy and Strength

  2. Reduce Accumulation of Body Fat

  3. Build Muscle and Decrease Recovery Time


A lack of testosterone means a lack of strength and energy throughout the day. Our clinical formula in our test booster and testosterone boosting pre-workout contains key ingredients shown to increase energy and improve raw strength.

Exercise and any physical training damages muscles. Recovery and adequate sports nutrition and supplementation help your body to accelerate the recovery process, healing soft tissue as you grow stronger and place more tension on the muscle through training.

All of this comes at a cost. Many people who start to exercise will begin to feel lethargic, perhaps even exhausted on days when they are not even working out. This is because your body is using all of its energy to repair and refuel. Incorporating a supplement for recovery can help avoid this. Check out the ingredients below in our Atomic_One supplement that help to increase strength and energy. 


Research has shown that supplementing D-Aspartic Acid can increase the total energy production and increase Luteinizing hormone, thereby increasing the release of testosterone.


In addition to the increase in secretions of testosterone, Atomic_One contains high-yielding doses of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 - ingredients crucial to producing an energy response in the body.

There are a series of B-Vitamins in the family, yet B6 and B12 have both been shown to promote energy. B-Vitamins are water-soluble vitamins required as coenzymes for enzymes that are essential for cell function - they maintain mitochondrial function and promote energy.

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We all know that a balanced diet can promote weight loss, but emerging science is showing that when testosterone increases, weight loss increases - almost strictly due to fat loss. This means the higher your testosterone levels are, the lower the accumulation of body fat, making a testosterone booster one of the best gym supplements for men over the age of 25 or 30. 


Many testosterone boosters may be effective at increasing total testosterone, yet they may also stimulate an increased concentration of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a precursor to estrogenic agents and the weight gain/ possible gynecomastia that goes with it.  

Our inclusion of diindolylmethane has not only been shown to restrict the accumulation of DHT, but past science has even shown that diindolylmethane can increase the bodies ability to enter ketosis and better utilize fat as fuel.

Atomic_One works to reduce accumulation of body fat by:

  • Increasing free testosterone through D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris and Maca Pruriens
  • Decrease body fat and enter ketosis through diindolylmethane supplementation

Atomic_One uses a proven dosage of each testosterone boosting ingredient while blocking estrogenic aids to ensure the maximum reduction in body fat. After all, if your testosterone boosting supplement doesn't cover all of these bases, then it likely not working how it should be. 

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The main goal during an exercise program is to build muscle, reduce the onset of injury and decrease recovery time. In this way, you can exercise more often at higher intensities in order to create muscular adaptations and improve body composition.

The process of building muscle comes down to several factors, yet the most important ones are to stimulate hypertrophy and increase the amount of deep sleep you get. Hypertrophy can be stimulated during training programs and is explained as the increase in the size of muscle cells.

Atomic_One creates a unique blend of ingredients that help stimulate muscle growth through increased rest and hypertrophy.


ZMA formulas have long been touted as a sleep aid and testosterone booster, both through an increased magnesium concentration and a regulation of healthy testosterone levels. Research shows that supplementing a ZMA formula can not only increase testosterone levels but also boost the mass of quadriceps and hamstrings (large muscle groups), likely through the stimulation of hypertrophy when combined with resistance training.

The benefit of a great night's sleep is mistaken by many athletes. Research shows that even one week with a consistent loss in sleep can affect total testosterone levels by up to 15%, which is why you need to ensure your testosterone boosting supplements offer more than just a hormone boost. 

Atomic_One works to build muscle and decrease recovery time by:

  • Increasing free testosterone levels
  • Increasing deep sleep duration
  • Increase the potential for muscle growth through ZMA and D-aspartic acid

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Many people have a fear of taking testosterone boosters because they believe there could be adverse side effects. At Atomic Strength, we did all the research and clinically formulated a product that can improve your performance in the gym, and on stage - as well as being safe to use.

The inclusion of ingredients like DIM and white button mushroom have been shown to lower the risk of estrogenic agents, and even cancer-causing agents.

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 have low testosterone.

If you have low testosterone, you're at risk for increased body fat, increased abdominal fat, reduced muscle bulk and strength, decreased energy and fatigue.

Atomic_One contains clinically formulated ingredients proven to improve your testosterone levels, performance in the gym and bring vitality and vigor back into your life. We take the health and safety of our customers seriously, which is why we're considered some of the best gym supplements on the market. If you have any concerns about taking performance boosting supplements, speak with your physician. 

Find Atomic_One here.

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