"I've been lifting for 15+ years, this is the first recovery product that actually works. Start drinking it halfway through your workout and you should be finished by the time your workout is done. My body recovers much faster from intense workouts now, highly recommend."



"I've been using Atomic Fallout for over 2 years now. The taste is great. They don't make a flavor I haven't enjoyed. The powder isn't super fine so it doesn't get everywhere that is definitely something I look for in any kind of powder I use. I would do recommend this to all my friends."



"I've tried brand x and it didn't do much for my recovery. However, I tried the Fallout Watermelon for a week and was hooked. This recovery powder mixture allows me to push harder in the gym knowing that I can make a recovery drink with 8-12oz of water. Then sip on it while I'm driving home and not wake up sore tomorrow. Best part it mixes well and taste great."



"A staple of my supplements! I've been using Fallout for a few years now and love its positive effects. I use it regularly with my protein powder after each workout. I always make sure that I have some on hand!"



"After every workout!I have used Fallout for over three years and have been very pleased. I use it after every workout and enjoy a great recovery. This is one supplement that I don't allow myself to run out of."


Fallout Muscle & Joint Recovery
Watermelon CandyBlue RazPeach MangoBerry Bomb
$ 49.99


  • Build & Repair Muscle with a complete BCAA blend

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Joint Repair Formula

  • Electrolyte formula for superior cell hydration

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