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The Science Behind Apocalypse



We all strive to have the best workouts we can, but when you feel tired and unmotivated it can be difficult to push through training sessions. Apocalypse, our pre-workout energy powder, was designed for the athlete in mind, providing clinically-dosed ingredients that have been proven to boost performance, reduce fatigue and provide laser-like focus.

We understand that you won't always have perfect training sessions - some days will be better than others. We designed Apocalypse to provide you with the best opportunity to truly push yourself to be great, knowing that you have the extra fuel and power to work hard and recover faster.


Apocalypse Pre-Workout contains a unique formula built to:

  • Increase strength and power
    Clinically-dosed ingredients built to increase anabolic force output, especially in your big lifts.
  • Decrease recovery time
    Powerful and proven ingredients reduce soreness and delay the onset of lactic acid.
  • Promote insane pumps
    Clinically-dosed ingredients help to vasodilate the veins and thin the blood, allowing for greater blood flow and more nutrient transmission.
  • Reduce crash and jitter
    Natural stimulants help to reduce the onset of caffeine crashes or overconsumption jitters found with a lot of other pre-workout drinks. 

    How It Works

    We built Apocalypse with both the elite lifter in mind and the new guy at the gym - anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level. You want to work hard and see the results, that's why we included ingredients that would help to:

    1. Increase Anabolic and Hypertrophic Potential

    2. Reduce Muscle Soreness and Lactic Acid Production

    3. Promote Mental Focus And Clean Energy

    4. Decrease Recovery Time


    Increase Anabolic and Hypertrophic Potential

    Many of us will have the same goal when we start working out - build muscle and lose weight. The only way to truly build muscle sustainably overtime is to stimulate hypertrophy - this is the increase in muscle cell size.

    Hypertrophy works in two ways:

    • Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: increasing the potential amount of stored glucose in muscle.
    • Myofibril Hypertrophy: increasing in muscfiberbre size and density (literally growing muscles).

    Apocalypse contains ingredients clinically proven to increase the potential for hypertrophy, which is why it is one of the top-rated pre-workout supplements on the market. 



    Clinically shown to increase the potential for myofibril hypertrophy, Citrulline works in many different ways but its main purpose is to decrease muscle soreness after exercise. A clinically-reviewed dosage of 6000 mg is used in order to prime muscles for exercise and decrease the amount of soreness so that you can come back stronger in your next workout. This feature makes Apocalypse a workout powder that does double-duty pre- and post-workout. 

    Citrulline will act as your main vasodilator, pushing more nutrients and blood into the muscle - providing a long standing clean energy and pump.



    We all know the massive benefits of proper creatine supplementation, but recent research is showing it could have the potential to increase sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Creatine works to increase the amount of stored phosphates, thereby providing your body with a faster ability for ATP resynthesis while allowing for greater water retention and providing a massive pump when combined with L-Citrulline.  

    Both of these ingredients work together to create a balance of optimal hypertrophy so that you can train hard with high weights and stimulate growth and development of muscle without atrophy or muscle breakdown.

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    Reduce Muscle Soreness and Lactic Acid Production

    Beyond stimulants and pumps, reducing muscle soreness and lactic acid production is the greatest benefit a pre-workout supplement like Apocalypse can provide. What if you could train longer without feeling the effects of fatigue? You could then train harder without barriers in your workout.



    Perhaps the most potent supplement that has been shown to assist in the buffering of lactic acid, Beta-Alanine works to delay the onset of lactic acid so that you can continue to lift into extended workout sessions without feeling the effects of fatigue.

    Beta-Alanine is clean energy and stimulant free.


    Betaine Androgynous

    A powerful supplement originally sourced from beetroot enables the balance of water in cellular structures (through methylation) and is widely known to increase the uptake and absorption of creatine rich foods or supplements. Betaine is a great pre-workout supplement to help assist in the reduction of muscle soreness - perfect for high-intensity or powerlifting style workouts.

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    Promote Mental Focus And Clean Energy

    One of the most difficult aspects of training is having the intensity and focus during your workout without feeling wired and jittery. Anyone can pump out 3 sets of 10, but you want to be different and better than you were the last time you were at the gym. That's why we included powerful ingredients to give you the intensity and drive to focus and grow, all while limiting crashes and jitters.


    Caffeine Androgynous

    This is not your typical caffeine found in coffee in our pre-workout energy supplement. This is clinically-dosed caffeine that has been proven to increase strength and power in trained athletes. The increase in metabolic function means you will have the energy and drive to focus on each repetition.



    This naturally occurring purine alkaloid, present in Camellia assamica variety kucha tea, has been shown to increase mental clarity, focus and pump - all while having little-to-no effect on raising blood pressure or heart rate. Perfect for a tough training session without the nasty crash form typical metabolic accelerators.

    This is natural energy found in Mother Nature that will not promote a crash, dependancy or jittery feeling.

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    Decrease Recovery Time

    One of the main aspects that many pre-workouts fail to hit is functioning also as a recovery supplement. The best defense is a good offense, and this pre-workout stays on the offensive by incorporating ingredients that will decrease recovery time. Decreasing recovery time is just as important as having a great workout, otherwise, you'll find yourself going longer and longer between sessions. If you can continue to train hard for extended sets on consecutive days, you can put in more time under tension each week - optimal for stimulating hypertrophy and advancing in strength.



    Used primarily as a promoter of strength and pump, Hydromax also works as a very effective glucose and glycogen resynthesizer. Hydromax is mainly composed of glycerol - which can be used to assist in the absorption of water and other nutrients, perfect for a massive muscle pump.

    Hydromax can be used to replenish glycogen stores, improve ATP resynthesis and increase the absorption of creatine - ultimately leading to a bigger pump and decreased recovery time.


    Creatine MagnaPower

    There is a host of evidence available to suggest the use of creatine for increased strength and size - especially with hypertrophy-style training, although creatine magnesium chelate has been shown to be just as beneficial in smaller doses with less water retention. Creatine mangapowder may lead to decreased recovery time as a result of increased ATP resynthesis.

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    Outperform The Competition

    At Atomic Strength, we always strive to create the best workout supplement products that are sourced naturally with clinical, conclusive evidence to support their use.

    By using Apocalypse pre-workout you know that each ingredient you ingest is packed with benefits that include increased anabolic and hypertrophic potential, reduced muscle soreness and lactic acid production, increased mental focus, decreased recovery time and each ingredient is naturally-sourced and low in stimulants.

    Increase muscle, work harder and recover faster with our complete Apocalypse formula.

    If you have been looking for a great pre-workout - look no further than Apocalypse.


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