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Product Information:

The Atomic Muscle Stack is for men 30 and older looking to increase power, strength and lean muscle mass. Feel like a man again with the ultimate, clinically proven products, designed to help you look and perform like a professional athlete. Burn belly fat and chest fat (say bye bye man boobs!), reduce aches and pain, speed up recovery, have a rock-solid erection, and increase libido and sex drive. Go from dad bod to HOT bod.

  1. Fuel X30– The purest form of premium whey protein isolate in existence, clinically formulated to build lean, solid muscle while speeding up your metabolism to burn unwanted fat. Sugar FREE, Fat FREE, Lactose FREE, Carb FREE, and Gluten FREE. Everything you want in a delicious protein, nothing you don’t.
  2. Fallout – The most complete muscle and joint recovery formula on the market, scientifically formulated using the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients that will help your body repair itself faster, help you feel better, perform at a higher level, and prevent injury.
  3. Creatine Matrix– Scientifically formulated combination of the most effective Creatine Tri-Blend designed to fuel athletic trainings, build and energize lean muscle, increase power and performance.
  4. Atomic_One - Efficaciously formulated natural testosterone booster, clinically proven to build lean muscle mass, burn belly fat, amplify energy levels, and increase libido and sex drive. Feel like a man again!

For even more Atomic Strength, add Apocalypse pre-workout for this stack and get maximum results, performance, pump and power from every workout.

We're so sure that you will love our products, Atomic Strength Nutrition offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with your order send us an email at and we'll do our best to make things right.

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