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Power & Boost Stack

Product image 1Power & Boost Stack
Product image 2Power & Boost Stack
Product image 3Power & Boost Stack
Product image 4Power & Boost Stack
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The ultimate stack to take your training to the next level. The Power & Boost Stack will provide you the explosive results you are looking for. 

The Power & Boost stack is clinically proven to:

• Power workouts further and longer with Slaughter pre-workout and Creatine Matrix
• Provide ultra sharp focus
• Increase size and strength
• Build & energize lean muscle mass
• Shred belly fat
• Decrease recovery time
• Intensify energy
• Increase sleep
• Enhance performance
• Build explosive strength & power

    The combination of our creatine, test booster, and intense pre-workout provides you with an Atomic combination for the best cost.

      1. Creatine - Scientifically formulated combination of the most effective Creatine Tri-Blend designed to fuel athletic trainings, build and energize lean muscle, increase power and performance.
      2. Slaughter - High-stim pre-workout designed to give you the most intense surge of energy you've ever experienced. This pre-workout is not for the weak! Clinically dosed performance enhancing pre-workout provides clean, long-lasting energy. Proven to increase performance. Bigger, stronger, perform at your highest level.
      3. Atomic_One Test Powerful formula of testosterone boosting ingredients to enable faster recovery, muscle growth and increased libido. Our formula also contains Estrogen suppressing ingredients to help you avoid the negative effects of some testosterone boosters. 

        Power through your workouts and boost your results with this Atomic Stack! 

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